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Concerns over BBC

The Chartered Institute of Journalists has expressed concern over “the trend towards State control” demonstrated by the Government’s White Paper on the future of the BBC.  The CIoJ’s new President, Mark Croucher, said: “It is unfortunate that while the Secretary of State rightly opposes the extension of State interference in the printed press he seems less interested in safeguarding the independence of the nation’s public service broadcaster. We do not want to see a BBC in which journalists always have to look over their shoulder and where their reports may be influenced by the political colour of the BBC Board.”

He added: “We understand Ministers’ concerns that the BBC is not always politically impartial, but creating a BBC Board that could veer editorially from the Guardian to the Daily Telegraph and back with every change of government is hardly a practical solution. These proposals appear to sacrifice the goal of long-term impartiality in the interests of short-term political gain.”