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Danbury journalist honoured

AT A RECEPTION at the National Liberal Club in London, Danbury journalist Norman Bartlett was installed last week (20 January) as the President of the Chartered Institute of Journalists.

He introduced Maldon MP, John Whittingdale, who spoke on the commercial and technical issues facing journalism and broadcasting today. He mentioned particularly the danger of investigative journalism being threatened by the courts.

“It is vital that the press is able to report on freely on abuses and failures,” he said.

Whittingdale is the Chairman of the Commons Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport.

Bartlett is a long-time Danbury resident whose journalism has taken him to many countries, reporting on travel, transport, engineering and information technology.

The Chartered Institute of Journalists (CIoJ) is the oldest organisation of its kind in the world. It was founded in 1884 and was awarded a Royal Charter in 1890. The CIoJ is a non-political membership organisation based in London but open to all professional journalists, editors and broadcasters worldwide.