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Institute praises media handling of London’s 9/11


Friday 10th July 2005 : Release time immediate


Press coverage “sensitive and balanced”

The Chartered Institute of Journalists has expressed its heartfelt condolences to those families caught up in yesterday’s terrorist atrocities in London, and praised the media for its “sensitive and balanced” coverage of the day’s events.

The Institute’s general secretary Dominic Cooper said: “Once again, London has proved its ability to cope in tragic circumstances and praise should be given to the emergency services for their reaction to the situation and the level of service they were able to deliver in such conditions.

“The use of combined technology, together with the depth and speed of coverage delivered by journalists has once again demonstrated that British journalism is the best in the world. Reporters were quick to the scene and up-to-the-minute with all the latest developments in a situation where movement in the capital was extremely hampered.

“At a time when the general public has little understanding or sympathy for journalists, the profession as a whole should be congratulated for demonstrating, in a unequivocal manner, the quality of service it delivers, which very often goes unappreciated.”




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