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Nalytics – The new research tool for journalists

Journalists and news organisations have never been under so much pressure to find information quickly as the public’s appetite for content across all channels explodes. However, sometimes finding the right information for a story can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not any longer, says Nalanda Technology, a new company that has developed the next generation precision search and discovery tool which it says can access and cross-reference information across an infinite number of digital sources at the click of a button.

Peter O’Hara, chief executive, Nalanda Technology, explains: “Nalytics picks up where Google finishes.  Most people are familiar with the Google search engine but its search capabilities are really quite basic and typically present too many results for users to be able to decipher.  Our platform covers the whole of your information store from emails and attachments to Dropbox data, and the application does not have to be launched to view and review the data.  There is no such thing as unstructured data.  All data has an inherent structure; using our technology anything held in a digital format can be simply processed to create data sets.  These can be used to locate and discover information and meaningful content within its context and structure.”

For further information please visit website or email or call 0208 973 1100. CIoJ members are invited to apply to the company for a free two-week trial of the software.  Please email with the header “Journalist Trial” and include your name, Institute membership number, and details of who you write or broadcast for.