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New arbitration scheme

The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) is creating a compulsory arbitration scheme as an alternative to court action for people with “genuine claims” against newspapers. It already has a voluntary scheme but there have been no cases brought under this system since it was introduced two years.

The scheme is scheduled to go live on July 31. Those members who do not sign up to it will remain on the voluntary arbitration scheme, although not all IPSO members are signed up to offer arbitration at all.

IPSO chief executive Matt Tee said: “Lord Justice Leveson stressed the importance of having a low-cost means of people that had been wronged by a newspaper getting compensation, without the expense of court and legal fees. Our new scheme does exactly that and the papers are not able to choose which cases they take.”

Culture Secretary Matt Hancock called the IPSO scheme “an important step forward for a press that’s both free and fair.” He urged newspapers to sign up to it.