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New campaign highlights value of UK’s creative industries

Almost two million people in the UK have jobs which are directly associated with the media and the creative industries. A new initiative under the umbrella of Creative Content UK, a partnership between content creators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), aims to highlight the importance of the sector, the opportunities that it offers for young people, both as consumers and as potential creators themselves.

By showing how to easily access content – such as music, film, TV, books, games, magazines and sport – from authorised online sources which provide a superior user experience, the campaign will encourage consumers to attach greater personal value to the creation of the content they love and demonstrate the increased choice that brings.

The education programme will target 16-24 year-olds, their parents, those responsible for household internet connections, as well as others who influence young people’s attitudes to accessing content. To capture the attention of these audiences, public relations firm Weber Shandwick will lead an integrated consumer, corporate and social PR campaign, with activities scheduled to start later this summer.

Creative Content UK is a ground-breaking partnership across the creative sector that, together with an education campaign part-funded by the Government, seeks to reduce online copyright infringement. The initiative also includes a subscriber alerts programme, to follow after the education campaign launch, which will notify bill-payers if illegal content is being shared with other users through their internet connection.

In remarks made to parliamentary representatives and stakeholders at the Alliance for Intellectual Property reception in the House of Commons, Janis Thomas, Education Project Manager, Creative Content UK, said:

“We are delighted to have three highly experienced agencies on-board to help us create disruptive and engaging multi-media campaigns that will connect with the aspirations of young people.

“This behaviour change initiative is vital to the success of the sector and will ensure that we can continue innovating and taking risks on new artists and ideas. We aim to inspire individuals to make a personal commitment to the future of the UK creative industries and to the creation of music, film, games and other entertainment, which they love so much.”

Creative Content UK will be measuring the impact of the education campaign in a number of ways – including using extensive analysis conducted by Ipsos MORI. The surveys will help to assess levels of illegal consumption and correlating engagement across legal platforms, as well as attitudes towards the value of content and awareness of the programme as a whole.