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2nd October 2004

Chartered Institute of Journalists launches tamper-proof international press card

The danger of terrorists and violent criminals obtaining or counterfeiting easily copied press cards has stimulated the Chartered Institute of Journalists to issue a new specially-designed international press card to its members.

This gives better and improved protection not only to journalists but also to those checking the credentials of reporters in emergencies. The card substantially reduces the possibility of improper persons being admitted to meetings or sites or buildings by showing forged press cards and pretending that they are from the media.

The new card incorporates important security features such as holographic foil blocking, signature strip and laminated card holder photo and details. These measures not only make the card more secure, but also make it more difficult to forge. Anyone scrutinising the card for authenticity will immediately be able to notice signs of tampering.

“With security now always a vital concern for journalists and newsgatherers, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Institute’s new International Card, which we believe is among the most secure available to pressmen anywhere,” said Institute President Stuart Notholt.

At the recent annual conference of the Chartered Institute of Journalists, which was held in Berlin, Aidan White, the General Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), acknowledged that his own organisation’s press card – for many years perceived as the “official” international card – could not be seen as the only ID card for journalists.

Details of the card have been forwarded to embassies and major international organisations who request press credentials before allowing reporters or media people access to events or press briefings.

In a further unique feature, the new Institute card comes with multi-language inserts that can be changed to cater for different destinations.