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Researchers get help with scientific publishing

BMJ, formerly British Medical Journal and now one of the world’s leading medical knowledge providers, has launched the Author Hub, a new platform to assist researchers in every field at every stage of the publishing process.

The Author Hub is a comprehensive platform aimed at researchers who not only want to publish their work, but also understand how to design their study, promote their paper or identify the right journal for them. The platform is packed with interactive features, videos and “how to” guides to solve each problem individually.

The majority of the content has been written by established scientists, editors and publishers, who share their knowledge and expertise in an approachable style.

So, whether you are an experienced researcher wanting to create a video abstract for your paper, or a young scientist needing help with designing your study, you will find something to help you.

The platform has a clear and user-friendly structure, designed to allow users to easily jump from one topic to another, and instantly address the needs of their particular situation.

The site is fully mobile optimised, and is an excellent resource for authors who need answers on the go, providing comprehensive guides, tutorials, examples and tips.

Roberta Cucuzza, Strategic Marketing Manager at BMJ said: “We are committed to providing a first-class publishing experience for our authors. We are delighted to be making this exciting resource freely available to researchers across the globe to help them get published, discovered and cited with BMJ.”

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