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Reuters cameraman films Israeli tank shooting him

20 April 2008: Release time immediate

Video courtesy of Reuters

The Chartered Institute of Journalists supports the call for a full investigation into the killing of Reuters’ cameraman, Fadel Shana, on April 16.

Shana, 23, was among a group of journalists who had been filming Israeli tanks which had been advancing into the Gaza strip when one of the tanks opened fire on the group, killing Shana instantly.  His soundman, Wafa Abu Mizyed, was wounded and remembers nothing of the attack

Reuters’ news editor-in-chief, David Schlesinger, immediately called for an investigation into the incident.

“We support David Schlesinger’s call for a full investigation of the circumstances surrounding this attack,” said Institute General Secretary, Dominic Cooper. “The Reuters film crew had just arrived in a vehicle clearly marked “TV” and “Press”, so it is difficult to see just how this could have happened by mistake.”

After the killing a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, told Reuters, “In our operations we try to be as surgical as possible and make every effort not to see innocent people caught up in the fighting.”


Notes to editor

1. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) also called for a public and exhaustive investigation into the incident.  In a press release the CPJ points out that “at least eight journalists have been killed in the West Bank and Gaza since 2001.  Seven of them were killed in attacks by Israeli Defence Forces, according to CPJ research.”  The previous killing occurred in July 2007, also in the Gaza strip, when Israeli tanks killed Imad Ghanem, a camerman for the Hamas-affiliated satellite TV channel Al Aqsa, who was filming paramedics transferring victims of an Israeli tank attack.

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