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Students’ hard-hitting film shown worldwide

An award-winning film by a pair of University of Bedfordshire postgraduates will have featured at over 20 festivals by the end of this year. Killing My Girl, which was made by MA Creative Digital Film Production students Tasos Giapoutzis and Michael Carter, tells the story of a London-based Asian woman who is forced by her family to undertake sex-selective abortion against her will.

The 12-minute film has been shown across the world, from India, to Peru, to Germany, as well as in the UK, including at the London Short Film Festival in January. The piece, produced by Tasos and Michael, has received the Director’s Choice Award – third prize – from the Black Maria Film Festival, as well as winning at the International Euro Film Festival in Malaga.

The film has also been shown in Greece, Tasos Giapoutzis’s home country and where he decided to move from to build on his passion for films in the UK, with the University of Bedfordshire his ideal choice. “When I arrived at the University I already knew I wanted to make films but I had no formal knowledge on filmmaking whatsoever,” he said.

“On this aspect, the University played the role of the parent to me. It held my hands and showed me how to make my first steps, making sure I am on the right track.”

With his filmmaking career well underway, Tasos, who also holds an undergraduate degree in Media Production (Moving Image) from the University, has actioned a proposal for a film festival in Luton. The Vice Chancellor’s Student Experience Projects (STEPS) fund gave Tasos’ project the green light in December, with the festival set to launch late this year.

“Organising an international short film festival in Luton is not just important for me personally, but for the whole community of Luton. It is a cultural event missing from the town and I am sure people will embrace it,” said Tasos.

“Initiatives such as STEPS give extra motivation to people to be more creative and active.”