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TV studio complex saved

A television studio complex in West London has been rescued from the administrators after a leading entertainment company stepped in at the eleventh-hour to keep it as a “centre of creativity”. Media company Lean Forward, which produces interactive gaming shows, has bought the 22,000 sq ft site in Acton from the administrators.

Marketing Director Andy Hodgson explained: “The complex offers studios, office and warehouse accommodation. It is the perfect fit for us. There is plenty of space and we can create television without the limitations or absurd costs of central London. It is also a big boost to the local economy as we have created 45 jobs and have room to grow as we expand our service over the next twelve months. All of us feel we are in a centre of creativity. There’s real buzz again about the place.”

The studios were originally purpose built more than 14 years ago by now defunct shopping channels Bid TV and Price-Drop TV before they got into financial trouble and were forced to close down.